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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thank you everyone for your help and support!  Amanda you are amazing for setting up this blog! I love you!  So everyone knows gofundme is not funding me. It will be going towards the millions of low income people in Nepal that would not be able to afford medical care if it wasn't for helping hands hospital and to OCRC. I am and will be making sure 100%  of donations will be going to non profit organizations where they need it most. Many donations made to big organizations and especially government does not make it to the right people.  After working in Nepal for the past month and through networking I have found out first hand how to disperse these funds most effectively.

The hospital I've been working at needs specific equipment and supplies. Also, right now we are in the process of opening up a much needed clinic outside town (possibly volunteers in future can come work here)        The Orphan Children Rescue Centre OCRC is home to 32 happy healthy kids and awaiting more after earthquake after legal paperwork is complete.  It takes $400 a month to supply food, good education, etc. I have all legal non profit documents,  donations are transparent and highly regulated by government.  (gov gets absolutely no money) their current sponser from Australia is retiring in September and they won't have enough funds after that.   Lastly, if a miracle happens  with funds I can put some towards the nursing school I spoke at that was cracked in the first earthquake,  many smart girls excited to get their BSN have to do classes at another building now, so we'll see.

Another sector of this organization is building houses.  For $250 USD they can build a bamboo with concrete on outside house,  good for hot,  cold,  elements and earthquakes.  85 have been built,  350 to go!

Bottom line is that a little goes a long way out here and a lot of good can be done. Please contact me with questions 913-710-9623.  Lisa911harper@gmail.com

A documentary is being made about helping hands now too.  Hopefully this can be the start of many more volunteers to come in the future through helping hands to beautiful Nepal!  Thank you so much to everyone who can help!  This will truly make a difference.


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